It has become clear to some Palestinian doctors living in United State during their frequent voluntary visits to Palestinian hospitals, that the number of diabetics and complications of loss of vision, amputation, heart disease, kidney failure, and many others, is a significant financial burden on patients and their families and the health sector.

They have decided to address this problem by establishing community centers where they provide integrated management, including disease treatment, proper nutrition, early detection of complications, education and health education for patients, their families and society in general.

The Jerusalem Fund for Education and Community Development, based in Washington, has adopted this project with the support of the Arab American Medical Association, the Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development, the Arab Communities and local people in US.

The first center was established in Al-Bireh in 2008, Nablus in 2012 and Hebron in 2016.

The Diabetes Project is a model of transparency and concerted efforts to achieve a clear national and humanitarian goal.

The Jerusalem Fund for Education and Community Development provides financial support for the continuity of work and its development, welcomes all those who wish to be supportive, partners in this work to support the steadfastness of our Palestinian people.


Dr. Eid Mustafa.

The chairman of Palestine Diabetes Institute.

The Jerusalem Fund - for Education and Community Development.